Hilarious article, veggie soup

Did y'all see this round-up article of absolutely awful American baby names? You can tell the guy writing it is just incensed, and it's an hilarious read. I was screeching in bed last night. This morning, I found my passport and got myself on a good start towards organization for my trip on Thursday. It occurred to me that I will have ample time to read in peace and quiet, and this realization was thrilling. Oliver is home from school today and tomorrow because of Rosh Hashanah -Shana Tova!- so we just took a walk and then made a fall-is-coming version of my Summer Ribollita, a most wonderful vegetable soup in either iteration. It's simmering away now, chock full of carrots, leeks, onions, kale, cabbage, white beans, tomatoes, Parmesan rinds and broth. It will be completely satisfying tonight and throughout the week!