Here I Go Again With My Greens... (do you hear the music, Whitesnake fans?)

Ok, that might date me and give you an embarrassingly intimate look at musical likes, but ah well. We're gettin' our greens on over here tonight. T sometimes balks at the amount of "roughage" -his word choice- I foist on him, but I'm cooking, I like it all, and it's good for us. He seems kinda tired tonight -having gone to and from NYC today and leaving for CA tomorrow- so although we're having greens, I'm adding Gruyère and cream to the mix and serving over pasta. I started by steaming kale, and in the meantime, sauteing leeks in olive oil and then deglazing with Cognac. Then went a grate of fresh nutmeg, lots of garlic, salt, the kale (chopped) and the cheese. Here it is thus far.