Heading home

It's come time to head home, and the boys left Misse and Poppy grudgingly. We devoured a last round of beignets once at the airport and are now encouraging them to twirl like dervishes until we board. Dad took me on a quick spin up and down St. Charles this morning so I could get some beaded-tree pics. Isn't this delightful!? Beaded tree on St. Charles and Third

The last two days have been perfect: blue, breezy, warm, no humidity; true Louisiana spring, fleeting though it often is. Thursday night was great. My cousin and her family moved back to New Orleans two years ago and renovated a 1913 bungalow near Tulane. Her daughters are just younger than J and O and the four have a blast together. Anyway, my mom and dad, aunt and uncle, the four of us and my cousin's family got together for boiled crawfish, crawfish étouffée, a loaf of French bread nearly as tall as Jack, salad, beer, carrot cake, wine. The karaoke machine emerged, a dance party ensued. A memorable night for all.

Jack and a giant loaf of French

Yesterday we putzed around the Quarter for a while; the street music and art there are really great. The boys each picked out a painted and mirrored plaster trolley for their bedroom walls. T and I bought a wonderful piece of art from an artist we’ve long admired, and the boys used their treat money for a snow-cone topped with King Cake and root beer flavors. What a revolting combo of flavors, yes? It ended up being gray and looked disgusting though the boys swore they loved it.