Heading back to DC. Solo.

I am totally un-thrilled to be back on antibiotics, this time for a Eustachian tube infection. It's fun times in Em's body these days.Not.

Anyway, I've just said goodbye to my parents and sweeties and am soon to board flight one back to DC. It will be so quiet and easy, and I plan to nap and do some Italian homework that is hanging over me like a menacing cloud.

About that adult trike...at the water park the other day, I happened to look at the paved path running round the park's periphery; on it pedaled a woman atop a large, yellow tricycle with no handlebars. Honestly, it was an extremely odd contraption, and unless she was in some powerful core-based training, I am flummoxed as to what this ride was for. It didn't look fun, for example. Kinda hilarious.

Last night I made brandy-flambeed shrimp; zucchini gratin with salsa verde and jarlsberg; and a yellow and red plum tart atop a gluten-free crust I made for mom. The crust was a grand success, and I will definitely share the recipe with you (a combo of oat, hazelnut, potato, tapioca and brown rice flours). If you hadn't been told it was GF, you'd never have guessed; such is not always the case with GF baked goods!

Off to board. Here's another pic of Mr Egret I snapped but didn't see yesterday.