He naps! Musings on the early years, new cooking reads & ventures

Oh my goodness, Oliver is asleep! Yay! Thank you! Thrilling! He woke me up at 5am just singing (shrieking) away in his crib. It was annoying as get-out, but when I got him some milk and brought him to my bed, he snuggled in, and all was lovey and well until the milk ran out. Although I am sure he doesn't remember nursing, we did so for 11 months, and I wonder if some sort of sense memory of comfort and closeness was set. Milk + mommy + proximity and warmth = goodness and calm. I wonder about all these sorts of experiences that kids don't remember but are affected by. On the one hand, it's sad to think that neither Jack nor Oliver will remember much in the way of specifics from their first 5 years (this is why I take pictures nearly every day and attempt to keep their scrapbooks organized), but on the other, I have to imagine that the foundations of so many things -trust, morality, work ethic, EQ, etc- are being established bit by bit, block by block during this same period. Considering that both alleviates and heightens my sense of parental responsibility. I can take a load off about any one thing, but in aggregate, what's mattering, how much and why. Interesting to think about...

Today I received the newest issue of Bon Appétit (gorgeous cover) as well as the Mozza (Nancy Silverton's joint in L.A.) cookbook I very enthusiastically treated myself to with a good Barnes & Noble coupon; I have a bad feeling about the future of that store but in the meantime will take advantage of the regular deals! As you may recall, I have waxed rhapsodic about Nancy's caramelized shallots many a time, so really, I felt I needed this book in my library.

Have I told you about the Food & Writing conference I'm attending here in DC next weekend? I'm excited- great sessions and attendees. In anticipation of a kitchen challenge, I'm going to work up a roasted jalapeño-watermelon jam today and a tapenade. Can't say more than that, but I will let you know how they taste.

Can we please see some sun?