He asked me what? Dinner!

So, I'm bathing Ol and J tonight, and with no apparent segue into the topic of man parts (but honestly, for many males, is a segue ever needed?), Oliver presented me with this query: "If you don't have testicles, does that make you weak?"

Y'all, I swear to god my feminist hackles were at full attention before I could fully process this bizarre-o question. Ol was smiling beatifically and nearly drowning in lavender-infused bubble bath so I can hardly imagine he meant anything remotely sexist or judgmental, PLUS he used such awesomely correct terminology that I was proud, but still.

Naturally I disabused him of any such idea but really, testosterone does impart some strength so was I lying to my littlest one? Hmm... Not in any way that matters. That boy needs to recognize that strength does not lie in testicles for pete's sakes.



Because the temps here shot up by about 30 degrees today (I am NOT complaining -#lovewarm- but it's weird), the snow is sheeting off our roof like giant ice bombs. In the midst of making the boys' dinner, it thumped our pantry (a random jutting out of our kitchen that a previous owner literally just tacked on one day) roof so hard the lightbulbs broke. Do you have extra circular fluorescent bulbs lying around your house? Me neither. #winterissoeffingannoying

But I persevered and made the chickpea crepes I'd been salivating over because T had some work bonding thing with laser tag and Mexican food (I know, it's hard) so I could make what I damn well pleased even though it's not Meatless Monday. Hah!


These were so good, and I will definitely make them again. I topped mine with garam masala caramelized onions, lentils and tomatoes, Greek yogurt and some cilantro. Fab!