Happy Valentine's Day

Firstly, I'd like to thank, profusely, all of you who wrote so thoughtfully following last night's post. As always, I'm grateful that you read and respond, happy that my words resonate with you in some way. Love and thanks. And thanks also to sleep and the truth in "tomorrow is another day." The boys and I woke to a beautiful morning, Valentine treats and another loose tooth that was just ready to head to the fairy's stash. How cute is he?! I'm glad his adult teeth are coming in as quickly as they are because otherwise he'd have to subsist on smoothies and eggs for a while.

Jack loses tooth #5

Secondly, as you undoubtedly know, it's heart day! Yee-haw. Y'all might recall how wildly enthusiastic I am about V-day so I feel festive right now. I'm baking a scrumptious chocolate cake for my friend, Gay, and am soon to make her a cheesecake too. Concurrently, I've whipped up some fresh ricotta and intend to put some in a lemony pasta tonight as part of our Valentines dinner. I'm not going overboard tonight: crab maison, the pasta, some champagne, something green..

Jack drew this Valentine picture. Hello phallic cupid arrows!