Happy Sunday

The kids spent the night at T's parents' house last night which is always such an enormous treat for Tom and me. Most unfortunately, Nutmeg jumped on my face at 5:15 this morning and I was never able to return to sleep but c'est la vie. And yes, I was sure we'd shut the door last night. That cat can apparate; I swear. The plus side of this ridiculously early wake was that I read quite a bit of the paper and made a pie and a good coffee, all before 8:20am. I wouldn't have wished to be so productive during those hours, but again, c'est la vie. T and I went to the farmers market together and ate fresh wood-oven grilled breakfast pizzas, picked up some treats -including these gorgeous peach blossom boughs- and headed home. I've managed to get a burr in my booty about spring-i-fying the house so MUST repaint the guest room. You'd think I was pregnant with all this nesting- a couple new pillows here, fresh flowers there, a new duvet here, different paint there. I swear just before Oliver was born, T found me ironing our guest room duvet cover. I hate to iron and said upon our engagement that I just do not do it, not did I intend to ever do it, so we both knew something was in the wind. Lo, Oliver came two days later.

peach blossom branches


But anyway, I put up two big paint samples and am about to go see how they've evolved in the drying process. Meanwhile, Jack had his second baseball game, got two hits, scored his team's first run of the season and though they ended up losing by one run, I just could not be more proud. You know when people surprise you? When they demonstrate an ability you didn't know they had, or a strength, or a weakness, or whatever? Well, Jack has never been terribly interested in sports nor has he demonstrated much in the way of athletic prowess (he gets this from me; though I insisted on playing softball, I was scared of balls and hid in right field for the entire season making designs in the dirt with my cleats. You think my parents were bored stiff? You bet). Anyway, he's really enjoying baseball and loves practicing, and you should have seen the look on his face today when he reached first base and then again when he ran through home. You couldn't have bought him (or me) for a million bucks.

We returned home with T's parents for blackberry pie and ice cream as an early birthday celebration for moi. The boys made me wonderful cards- do you LOVE this self-portrait of Oliver, complete with his chin dimple? And that circle between his legs is his tummy. Just some clarification.

birthday cards from my boys

Tonight I'm going to grill a steak, top it with my mint-pistachio pesto, roast some sunchokes, warm some good bread, open a Petite Sirah I've been saving and take a load off with my hubs.