Happy Saturday, crab salad on the horizon

I hope that wherever you are, you're enjoying a day as beautiful as we are here in DC. Sunny, warm'ish, blue skies; things feel clean and fresh, as they often do after a good rain and some wind. It's like weather-based power-washing, and we are really reaping the benefits of such a recent cleanse. After the muffins, I volunteered at Jack's school for a bit -always a treat!- and then headed to yoga -always a treat! As in my Pilates class, there is a core group of attendees in Flow 1-2, and while we don't gab and yak like we do in Pilates, it's still nice to see the same faces, often smiling but sometimes not, both OK. The teacher is a truly gifted instructor and also such a lovely woman, and it is neat to be part of such a cohort of folks who work simultaneously in sync and at our own paces. I also find interesting who the collective om changes from week to week. I believe I've mentioned this before, but it's fascinating how dissonant, cacophonous really, we sometimes sound while on other mornings the harmony and pitch are spot on. A reminder of the different energy we bring into and process through class each week I suppose. In any case, it's a remarkable class. Om!

J just left for a birthday party at a Tae Kwon Do studio and insisted on wearing his cowboy boots and 10 gallon hat. I suggested that might not be the most appropriate attire for a martial arts party, but who am I to say ("mo-om"), and out Tex went, off to "ninja."

I have been hell bent on making the Deviled Crab and Chicory Salad with Egg Dressing recipe that I discovered in Wednesday's NYT Dining section and purchased all the ingredients earlier today. Although David Tanis sometimes disappoints, this sounds too good not to be. Naturally I'll let you know. Also on tap is more fresh ricotta. And with that, adieu for now.