Happy Memorial Day

Happy Mem Day everyone! Are you relaxing? Traveling? Eating? Enjoying? I hope so.The loons woke us up way too early again, but my sweet Jack is nearly pain-free (though his bruising made my stomach shiver violently), I got the rest of the rib ragu made, we had a great family lunch outside, I just delivered a BBQ dinner to the grands and am now taking a quick time-out at the gym.

I've had a mad yen for baked beans -must be the day- so will be making those this evening and hopefully some strawberry shortcake as well.

Just listened to a fabulous interview with Quincy Jones- it was from a 2001 NPR show but what a cool man. He and Ray Charles met when they were 14 and 16, respectively, and dreamed big together. Quincy said they remained amazing friends and accomplished all- awesome, huh!? What a feeling of awe and accomplishment he must feel when he looks back.