Happy Friday: it's cookin' time

Yesterday, in hushed tones and bear-hug snuggles, Oliver and I shopped on amazon for a Cinderella dress. "Mommy, it's a secret. I don't want Daddy or Jack to see. Can we please buy my Cinderella dress?"

We found the perfect one -the skirt lights up via some bizarre battery pack!!- and some delicate slippers that bear an image of Cinderella and with which Ol was immediately besotted and ordered everything after he assured me he would actually wear the items. He tends to treasure his princess acquisitions in serious secret; I found his Wonder Woman journal hidden in the depths of his closet earlier this week, for example. I do not want the same fate to befall the too-pricey dress and shoes coming our way.

This morning, a warm little body moved quietly into bed with me. It was Ol, and he said "Mommy, I love you. When is my Cinderella dress coming? And, I think I need the pretty gloves too." The elbow-length satin ones. Oh lord. We proceeded to have a lovely conversation about the dress and we might consider the gloves but let's wait and see a bit when it occurred to me to check the time.

3:31am people. 3-honking-31.

I said "Oliver, it is more than definitely time to return to bed as it is the middle of the night." He obliged and then climbed back in at 6. What a cutie. Then Jack got in and pretended to be the cat, purring with abandon and so forth. These kids just wake up at 100%. Was I ever like that?


After a meeting at school this morning, I made a beeline for the gym and then headed home to get my cooking on. A triple-batch of apple chili chutney is now cooling, and I devoured some seared tofu with lemon-yogurt-tahini sauce and just-picked greens from my garden. Dee-lightful!