Happens to the best of us, but still

Y'all, I made a lovely loaf of leek and scallion bread this morning, and when it was about 5 minutes from done, I realized I'd forgotten to put baking soda and baking powder. You think I was bummed? Yes. All the leeks and scallions were from my garden. Sad. Virginia W. could have used this leaden failure in place of her rocks so heavy and dense is it. That's so morbid. Sorry. In an attempt to remedy this situation, I sliced off thin slivers and am now baking them as you would biscotti. I do not have high hopes. Such failures happen to the best of us but they're still disappointing. Years ago, my mother, having just returned from a trip to Italy and high on memories of risotto, made a risotto hours before she was going to serve it. A no-no. When she attempted to spoon it out, it had hardened and despite attempts to soften it, no dice. In good humor, we shaped it into a egg-shaped form, christened it Uncle Risotto, dotted him with eyes and a nose and left it on our porch for any hungry birds and squirrels. No takers, and it took the paint off the handrail. Hilarious.

In the meantime, I'm thrilled to say that two of Romanesco cauliflower plants are actually producing said cauliflowers. I'm THRILLED. Have y'all seen these? They look like this and are so cool and good. I can't wait.

I think I'll go make that grape leaf-yogurt pie now.