Gumbo, plum tart, Hunger Games

I'm a couple years late, but The Hunger Games is a very engaging story. We watched the movie recently, and I was both eeried out and riveted. It plus Friday night's Real Time made for a good week of watching though. However, have you heard of Avik Roy? He blogs for Forbes and is a Romney healthcare advisor and is one of the more despicable shills I've watched lately. Do Republican campaign leaders offer lessons in condescending smugness and associated facial expressions? Because, like John Fund, Amy Holmes and so many other awful rightist pundits, Roy had the patronizing tone based in ideology, not fact, in spades. And though Jack Kingston is more likeable with his handsome, good old boy charm, he was off the reservation too. I do not understand where these guys get their information nor do I comprehend their beliefs. Both Roy and Kingston averred that Romney was just being funny when he proclaimed that no one's asked for his or Anne's birth certificates: "they know where we were born." But it wasn't funny. It was a transparent nod to the BS birther movement and petty attempt to provoke conservatives.

Do you want to laugh at Mittens? Click here!!! Hilarious!

On a more positive note, dinner tonight was spectacular. This gumbo perfectly hit the spot -though this picture doesn't do it justice- and the mixed plum tart ended the meal beautifully. I'm stuffed and more than satisfied!