Grilled radicchio with brûléed grapefruit is so fantastic

Y'all, I just brought to fruition the image I'd had earlier of radicchio, grapefruit and heat; I am devouring it all as I write. I cut my radicchio into "steaks" and then brushed those rounds with olive oil, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper and then dusted lightly with Chinese 5 spice. Onto the hot grill they went for 3-4 minutes. In the meantime, I'd removed the grapefruit skin and cut the fruit into rounds. On each round went 1 T brown sugar and then I broiled those for 4-5 minutes. Afterwards, I finished them off with a little kitchen torch, layered each round atop a radicchio steak and drizzled the whole thing with very good aged Balsamic. (The pic is pre-Balsamic.)