Grilled Caesar Salad, highbrow crunch bar

I had an urge for a Caesar salad tonight but wanted it with a twist. What if I grilled the whole thing? The romaine and bread were a snap, and both are always delicious hot off the press. I cut the tomatoes in half, scooped out the innards and gently cracked an egg into each of two halves. On everything I brushed a garlic-anchovy-olive oil mixture that I'd cooked over medium-low heat for a while. Yum! Now, unfortunately, the eggs didn't soft-boil in the way I'd expected so I dumped the hot yolks into the anchovy oil, whisked effusively and made the dressing out of that. The grilled tomatoes were yummy, and atop it all I shaved Parmesan. Overall, a creative, tasty dinner despite the slight egg failure.

In the meantime, I made two pounds of this incredible caramelized rice-dark chocolate bark. Delicious. Come to the Arts Market Saturday if you want some!