Greens, slaw, steaks

I did thin the greens, and just look at this gorgeous haul. I also spied the culprit behind the new holes in the leaves- some awful, green, spawn of a moth worm inching up the lacinato stalks. To the toilet with the three villains that ended up in my salad spinner! Then T diagnosed what they were and how to deal with them organically. Spinosad: a biproduct of distillation and fermentation discovered near a rum plant in 1982. Cool, huh?! Anyway, we happened to have some (I think because of the tomato horn worms in my past; awful, revolting pests), so while I cooked, T sprayed my greens. I'm hoping this does the trick! In any case, the creamed greens were delish! I made the steaks and served a green tomato chutney with those (lovely, but I did not make it; go Virginia Chutney Co), and for our final side made a carrot-radish-turnip slaw with a lazy-girl's chimichurri (read: a huge, indiscriminate bunch of herbs from my garden + garlic + EVOO + red wine vinegar + coriander + red pepper flakes). Nice and fresh.

Per the rather crappy week I'm having, I now have a cold and am stopped up like it's my job. At least the applications are finished- a major to do off the list. I love to-do lists, especially crossing items off of them. Delightful. Admission: sometimes when I've done something that wasn't on the list, I write it on and then cross it off, just to have the experience of doing so. Don't you do that too?