Greens, glorious greens

The boys and I had a marvelous morning at the farmers market. It is an absolutely gorgeous day, and we whiled away at least an hour, perusing the stalls, sampling the fare and delightedly finding some new items. Between them went two beef empanadas (apparently they'll be making another appearance on Chris' facebook page), two raspberry-almond muffins, a large cup of hot apple cider, several rounds of goat cheese (we then bought a log per Oliver's request) and a solid number of apple and pear slices. We saw the very friends we had dinner with last night and also scored a StreetWise paper which Jack read from during the drive home. Oliver was dressed in full construction-worker regalia and Jack was suited up as a Western sheriff- boots, blazer, badge and a gun and holster hidden away on my orders. He kept asking, "May I remove?" Hilarious. It was quite an idyllic morning actually. While there I was thrilled to find chicken raised outside! in pastures! eating grass and insects! happy! I bought some. Then I saw that they also had happy pork (here's looking at you President of the Missouri Farm Bureau) and bought some of that too for future meatballs. While watching Ol chow on the fresh goat cheese, I looked around at another stall and saw bins of fresh baby greens: two kales and mustard. I bought a big bag and plan to make homemade ravioli tomorrow with a greens and goat cheese filling in a lemon sauce. AAAHH!