Greened quinoa with whipped feta-yogurt dressing

The veggie situation in my fridge was getting out of hand again -so much so that I skipped the farmers market this morning!- so I was determined to use up a hefty dose of it all tonight. And thus, this dish was born. My inspirations were the kale and quinoa with goat cheese dish from a food52 chef as well as the zucchini fritters I made last week.  In the dish for tonight are dilled leeks and baby kales tossed with quinoa and dressed with a whipped, herbed Greek yogurt-feta sauce. I'm actually quite pleased with the final result and will share the recipe with you! Doesn't it look healthful and pretty? I'm also going to make the Em-i-lis fennel with coriander sugar and orange, and we'll enjoy what's left of the savory cheese bread we made last night. Yummy, yummy!