Green City FM

Across the street from our hotel, the Green City Farmers Market sets up shop on Saturdays. Does this sound like a marvelous place to go find breakfast? Indeed! And so after very good coffee and hot chocolate at Elaine's Coffee Call (1st floor of the Hotel Lincoln), we wandered across the street to find some goods. Jack and T opted for crepes, sweet and savory respectively. Oliver went for a melon-blueberry-cherry smoothie and I chose a ricotta-cherry muffin. Mine was decidedly underwhelming but the boys loved their crepes and smoothie. Jack and his strawberry crepe

J and O befriended another little boy so we left them running circles in a field in the middle of the market while we strolled calmly and leisurely around. A jar of cherry jam here, a pretzel baguette there, some aged raw milk cheddar, a pint of strawberries and a tomato. Room picnic for the boys later!

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We had a lovely time at the First Sight opening fete last night and on our way home stopped of at Nookies for warm apple pie a la mode. I was in a lovely new white dress with a grosgrain bow at the waist and a somewhat full and shaped skirt. Sitting at the soda counter on those old-school spinning stools, my beau next to me, our two spoons side by side in the pie plate, I felt like I'd jumped into a combo of Grease and Hopper's Nighthawks. Cool.

And now we're off to the Art Fair.