Great surprise lunch in Richmond

T suggested we pull off 95 for a quick lunch stop at a fast-food joint. No thank you. An extremely brief Yelp search yielded a fantastic-sounding spot in a neighborhood right near the off-ramp. Perfect, and it was definitely a treat. The Black Sheep, located at 901 W. Marshall St, had an extensive and inspired menu. I opted for the No Mas Huevos Nuevos from the eggs and breakfast section; it was comprised of scrambled eggs, a chunk of jalapeño grit cake,wheat berry and black bean chili and some chopped avocados and tomatoes. YUM!

T chose the Cuban Reuben, a delicious sandwich with pickled purple cabbage, roasted pork, pastrami, pickles, some divine sauce, cheese and grilled bread. I forced him to choose the Brussels sprouts with pecans and Parm for his side; yum again. Ol got toasted baguette and bacon.