Great snack for kids

I've been talking with many moms lately about what our kids are eating. I'm actually quite pleased with what my boys eat- in general, they're adventurous eaters with broad palates, and they love fruits and veggies. Snack times can be hard though. What's easy and portable but also healthy and sustaining? One product that fits the bill well and that my kids love is Suncakes (and sister product, HeartThrives). They're vegan oat bars with various flavors: apricot and date are the boys' faves. Per serving you get 40% of your fiber, 40% calcium, and 25% of protein. If you want to try these, Whole Foods carries them. I often order them direct (, as they come frozen. You can put them in your freezer, then pop one out when needed. They thaw quickly or can be microwaved.