Great Scot!

Today has been shockingly smooth, and I am feeling absolutely zen about tomorrow's luncheon. Though it all took many hours, I: grated seven pounds of carrots; sliced 2.5 pounds of feta into even squares; made an enormous vat of quinoa; got the curried turkey salad together; made two different dressings, one of which involves a dozen or so ingredients but is worth it; baked two herbed tomato tarts; and mis en placed everything else for final prep tomorrow. Throughout my fridge are utterly pleasing geometric containers whose clear glass walls reveal the neatly prepped contents within: minced jalapeños; thinly sliced serranos; finely chopped parsley, cilantro and mint. I am really excited and hope the food is well received. Look how pretty this serrano-lime vinaigrette is. I loved the natural striations of shallot, serrano, thyme, oil and vinegar so much that I didn't have the heart to shake it; will do so tomorrow!

Less thrilling were the Jury Duty summons I found in my bit of mail and the call I received from the school nurse about one of my children having slathered some tree sap into a classmate's long, lovely hair. He said he was "aiming for her dress," as if that makes anything any better. Was he flirting? Time for summer I believe, although we're all sad about bidding this school year adieu.

As always I feel grateful: for the boys' marvelous school; for their outstanding teachers; for the community; and for the fact that never once have I heard either kid say, "I don't like school" or "I don't wanna go" or "Yay, summer means no school." They love school every day, and I can't imagine a better start to or attitude for the educational journeys that lie ahead for both.