Great class, a treat, RB&R

This morning's Canning Class at Twins Ace Hardware was terrific. Thank you to everyone who came out- it was wonderful to see some familiar faces and to meet new folks too. One attendee, who I've met three times now I believe, was at my cranberry sauce class last fall and let me know that she's already made her first batch for her family this year. They love it! I was so thrilled to think about Nanny's memory being passed around and shared in this way. Thanks also to Twins for hosting another great event. I had a ball and love my new apron; thanks, guys!!!

Since getting home, I've been working on a batch of red beans and rice, dosing more medicine to Ol (poor guy is still sick; strep test negative; ugh!) and happily spying my husband for the first time in days. We've been ships in the night lately, and I miss him. Date night tonight!

Did y'all read Gail Collins' Op-Ed in today's NYT? This paragraph is priceless. Priceless!!! I read it hours ago, and I still dissolve into giggles each time I scan it anew.