Grapes + olives + goat cheese

Ooh, la la. What a delightful, new-to-me discovery! Inspired by my adoration of the muscat grapes and crostini night, I decided to quickly cook in a hot skillet, a handful of said grapes, some pitted kalamatas, a bit of EVOO, and a splash of this new agrodolce vinegar I recently bought. I then stirred that all together with some goat cheese and spread it on warm toast. Fabulous! We watched the first episode of Portlandia last night and loved it. Watched the next two tonight, and I hated both. Insufferable. T says it's because the comedy style is too similar to Curb Your Enthusiasm, which also drives me over the edge. Maybe that is it, but I had to leave the room halfway through episode 3.  Aaaaah! Good night!