Grapefruit tart screeches to a halt, Kitchen Item #3 That You Need

Y'all, I got home from the market with all the ingredients to make this grapefruit tart, and lo, I forgot to purchase grapefruits. Really people?? I think I assumed I had some here since my crisper drawers are usually laden with them, but alas no. So, the dough for the tart shell is chilling in the freezer, and dear T said he'd pick up some ruby reds on his way home. Do you what is amazing? The boys are at their grandparents' house until tomorrow. Hallelujah. We had a parental-child come-to-Jesus this morning about what listening means, and who -much to their surprise?- is in charge in our home and family. I dare say they were to an infinitesimal bit chastened. Where do kids get their negotiating skills? And is their egocentrism to blame for the shock they seem to feel when you tell them that the entire world does not revolve around them? Good lord. Though I adore children in general, and especially mine, they really are, in many ways when small, parasitical little creatures that need serious guidance out of their uncivilized shells.

So anyway, the gramps took them as a birthday treat for T, and I came home from yoga salivating over the grapefruit tart I planned to immediately make. I'll just have to salivate a little longer I guess. ~~ Today's Kitchen Item That You May Not Think You Do But Might is.... the spice grinder, an indispensable tool that makes a world of difference. I've got two: one for a course grind and one for fine. They're made by Kyocera, I got them from amazon, and they were somewhere in the neighborhood of $12-$15 each. Fresh cumin and coriander seeds take on whole new identities when put through these mills, especially after being toasted. Another perk of these grinders is that you do not get seeds jumping all over your kitchen to avoid being crushed the way you do if you're attempting to grind with a knife blade or the like. This is a contained unit from which your seeds cannot escape. Nice!