Gorgeous mess of a dinner salad, cookies?

Isn't it just wild how much is going on in this salad? It really hit the spot tonight- I love me some pretty roughage. This afternoon, I dragged my sore hamstrings to the gym and biked for a while. I admit to still feeling (quite strongly) the after-effects of Sunday's sun salutations and thought some stretching and exercise would help. I'm still sore. On my way home, feeling nice and zen, my babysitter called and asked if it was a problem that she had accidentally given Oliver 2.5x the amount of antibiotic he was supposed to have. Can I just tell you that my heart started POUNDING? Jesus h, people, I said teaspoon, the label says teaspoon. 1 teaspoon. As the pediatrician's office was closed, I 911-called my sister-in-law who happens to be a pediatrician; this is extremely convenient on many occasions but especially in this one. She said he might experience cramping and diarrhea but would otherwise be fine. Amen to whatever being might be out there.

I tell you folks, you try to take two hours, and your child guzzles Augmentin. Eff, people! I am enjoying a large glass of red wine right now (Ben Marco 2008 Malbec; I don't generally like Malbec but this one is quite nice).

I'm also considering baking cookies because it just feels like the right and fun thing to do, but as one who never eats cookies, I'm really questioning my desire to bake them. Hmm. I think I'll sit on the couch for a little longer.