Good/useful/interesting articles and blogs

Creative ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers, by Mark Bittman: here. Let's hear it for Elizabeth Warren, my new lady-hero: here.

Have you seen this blog, Superbug? Interesting!

Two other good blogs about food politics: Food Politics and Politics of the Plate.

A fun, adventurous blog about sustainable living and eating: The Perennial Plate.

With full awareness that PETA and other animal welfare organizations are not always objective and can be dramatic, it is nonetheless crucial to try and find out what we can about how the animals that feed us are treated, during life and slaughter, and I appreciate the work these groups do. As you might know from reading Em-i-lis, animal welfare is a hugely important moral issue to me, and I use my purchasing power to vote in favor of animals treated with kindness, dignity and respect. If you're planning to cook a turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, please consider buying one raised in a humane fashion. If you're on the fence about this, consider watching and reading the following: PETA/turkeys, The Humane Society of America/Report on Chickens and Turkeys, The Sustainable Table's piece on Thanksgiving turkeys.