Good snack, brainstorm for side dish, 5 yr old tantrum with a kick

OK, thank god I finished off the fresh ricotta. It is so good but clearly not low-fat in any way (4 c whole milk + 1 c heavy cream) so I probably shouldn't eat tons every day, but alas. Great, filling snack! Today I drizzled peppery olive oil and sliced tomatoes atop. Aah. I found the idea of potatoes solo kinda boring so started noodling- what did I already have, what might be summery and flavorful when combined? What about steamed potatoes, chilled and then cubed, gently mixed with cubed avocado and tomatoes, formed into a timbale shape and dressed with a lemon-basil vinaigrette? I think this might be quite tasty so just steamed the potatoes and am chilling them.

Picture this: Jack is in navy dress pants, a long-sleeved blue button-down, black belt, black socks, black boots (read: formal police attire) and a mustache I drew on with eyeliner. He just had the biggest meltdown you can have in the span of 3 minutes (because I said no to a 3rd Inspector Gadget), but with all that get-up on I just could NOT take him seriously. You know?