Good morning

Another beautiful day out here- really, we could not have lucked out more with the weather. Last night, we ate at the Jory, the stunning restaurant here at The Allison. Even better was that we got to sit outside- the view was almost 360, here's a part of it:

The Allison has an impressive garden from which almost all their produce comes. For our appetizer, T and I shared the beets and blackberries salad with endive, walnuts and chevre. It was insanely good. Everything tasted as if it had just been picked, and the dressing was basically EVOO + reduced blackberry juice. Then, Tom had the gnocchi with rabbit porchetta, and I the King salmon with black rice arancini and greens. Both were delicious- my favorite part was the sauce on mine. It was a yuzu brown butter concoction which just sang from the plate.

Completely unnecessarily, we opted for dessert: a blackberry-almond crisp. It was nice but too sugary and lacked depth. I told our waiter to suggest that the chef cut back on the sugar and add a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg to better highlight the berries. We shared a half glass of wine which was all we could stomach after a major day of tasting. I felt positively pickled by the time we crawled into bed. T has headed out to the Coffee Cottage for our morning joe and scones. Not sure what we're doing today but the frontrunner idea is to head to the coast.