Glazed lime cake a'coming, braised red cabbage, sleep-deprivation

Being sleep-deprived feels like you have a nasty hangover but it sucks even worse because you didn't have any fun getting there. Thus is my state-of-being today as Mr. O was up for a couple hours last night. I think we had an orange juice and medicine date downstairs and maybe we read a book. I was in such a fog that I wouldn't bet the ranch on that recollection though. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty rough right now. Nonetheless, I intend to test-bake a lime-glazed cake and braise some red cabbage for dinner. I might throw some rhubarb in there too. The King salmon will go nicely with all that. My primary goal today, even before all of the above, is to sit down when I eat lunch. All meals yesterday + breakfast today were consumed standing up or in the car. To say that those experiences were less than optimal is an understatement.