Fury over a bad movie! I did the sprouts!

People, I canNOT get over how much I detested the movie Gravity. Like, I am furious about having just wasted two hours on it. Sandra Bullock was an elf with horrid dialogue and hair. Why did she change so many times between multiple space suits and the spandex undies? If I had to watch her in the effing "womb" or her emergence from the "primordial soup" one more time, I've have had to leave my couch. AS IF you can hopscotch across space with nothing more than a fire extinguisher popping you to oddly contiguous and proximate space stations. And then her fiery survival pod just happens to release into a hellball shooting her towards Earth safely, reentry angle be damned. Naturally, she makes it and lands in Fijian perfection the idiocy of which is not least that the water was no more than 15 feet deep. Luckily, her drowning pod forms a water bell and all is well in the world. She perseveres, she swims, she crawls, she emerges. Does anyone think that THREE TIMES in the breathing-CO2-as-air situation doesn't have some after-effects? It is one thing to be creative but it is yet another to have absolutely ZERO probability of realism or possibility when you are sort of purporting just that. Why were all the space stations in such shitty disrepair? How flipping strong was the original Russian, natch, disaster that caused all this armageddon debris to repeatedly race around Earth like Usain Bolt in the 100 screwing everything in its path?

If Sandra gets best actress and/or Alfonso best director, I might just write off the Academy forever. Titanic was offense enough, but this movie was even worse in the dialogue department and so unbelievably offensive in the "please just suspend belief and enjoy" category that I could die. Tom says: "Castaway in space." I say, "As if; don't waste your time." Like we just did.

And PS, George Clooney, you are always a sight for the eyes but I find it hard to believe that while Sharif and Ryan toil, you just jet-pack around the spacecraft for shits and giggles.

We watched Dallas Buyers Club last night. That was MUCH better. ~~~~ On a much better note, I successfully replicated the incredible Brussels sprouts from Blue Duck Tavern. It's all about the hot oil bath!