Funny kids, Muffins & BlogHer '14

At present, the boys are slithering around the house on their tummies -army crawl-style- attempting to elude the imaginary guys they're spying on, and I am slaving over a Pokémon badge case that Jack made from cardboard and colored foam sheets, extracting thin layers of cardboard with an X-acto knife so that Jack's handmade badges can nestle in each space snugly. I remain largely anti-Pokémon. I mean, I'm glad Jack is so enraptured with it and interested in learning the strategies of the game, but the more I've learned, the more I dislike its premise. Basically, the trainers run around capturing Pokémon against their will, 'training' them by being nice but not letting them go and then sticking them in Pokéballs until the little guys are forced to do their trainers' bidding which means fighting to the 'death.'

In any case, I'm worked my fanny off on this badge case which is just the humblest, grubby little creation you ever saw but whatever. Jack is proud, so I'm happy to help.

The kids built a Lego car while I shaved cardboard, and I overheard Oliver say, "I'm not being sarcastic, Jack. This is really awesome." Which almost made me fall off my stool, because what a disclaimer from a 5-year-old. Jack replied, with such modesty (and there I am being sarcastic), that "Well, my ideas and brain are really great sometimes." Good grief. What conversation.

I made some ginger peach muffins because I simply had to, and they totally hit the spot. Scrumptious!

Y'all, I realized about four days ago that I leave for BlogHer '14 this coming Thursday. I mean, I knew I was going, but the trip rushed up on me like my sneaky cat. I'm super excited! San Jose, here I come!

Jack and Tom are at a Pokémon playdate now -I kid you not- and Ol and I are off to read and then construct my AROMO desk as he found me out yesterday and now wants to be involved in the renovation. Hah!