Full-out Friday

Oh my gawd..................today was nuts. Fun and good overall but nuts. Ol's school hosted its annual Thanksgiving Feast this morning, so I went early to help carve turkeys and set up and then enjoyed the festivities with Ol and T's mom. It was a very sweet party, and the kids did a terrific job decorating and preparing. Naturally afterwards, Ol did not want to go to FunFit Friday but rather home with me. He has started chatting nearly as much as J sometimes and by the time we picked J up at school, my ears were ringing. Also I've got a hell of a cold and sound like Joan Rivers crossed with an old man. Unattractive to say the least. We did take a walk on what was a truly beautiful day, and just look at this tree. As if it's on fire!

The Thanksgiving prep crunch has started in earnest, and today I brought home two turkey carcasses from the school brunch and have been simmering homemade stock all day. It smells wonderful. For the feast, I made two pumpkin pies with my homemade puree, and I must say, those were darn good too. Tonight we're going to have a curried turkey salad and while I would love a glass of wine know that is not in the cards if I ever want to breathe again.

Did I mention that nearly fifteen folks are coming for dinner tomorrow night? Yowzers, I gotta get cookin!