Fruit is macerating, inspo for tonight and tomorrow

Isn't this beautiful?! What a perfect ruby red. Do y'all want to know the best-ever surprise? T got home at 5:45, and although he leaves again first thing in the morning, he is putting the boys to bed right now. All hell is breaking loose up there, and I'm down here. BLISS! Oliver is yelling about wanting to sleep in "Mommy's bed." Riiiiigght... In the meantime, I've had inspiration for both dinner and a treat tomorrow. After I wrote earlier about the possibility of panini tonight, I became increasingly keen on the idea of a fantastic sandwich. So I think I'm going to go with thick-sliced harvest bread (many seeds, many grains), roast turkey, sour cherry spread and Bûcheron. Mamma mia!

Tomorrow, my madeleine pan arrives. I've never made a madeleine in my life, but they are so pretty and a nice size for a snack, so I ordered a well-reviewed, inexpensive pan and am noodling on a cinnamon-cocoa dough. Mmm.