These were fine but nothing to write home about. I am glad to have tried them but wouldn't make again. At least my frying skills are improving- I really felt like a failed Southerner and a limited cook to feel such fear of frying, but I'm over it.Back to these fritters.

Here's what bothers me, about this recipe specifically and about many fried things in general: you don't taste much more than fry. I got no sense of radish, no goat cheese, no scallions, no mint. I mostly tasted fried curry and raita. Curry is yum yum but fried curry just isn't necessary. I'd like to taste those good old radishes I grated and squeezed. I'd love to taste that fresh goat cheese and those pretty herbs. Yoo hoo... No answer.

The raita was nice but nothing special. It was a whole lot of beautiful fresh ingredients, and again, I didn't taste much beyond cold yogurt. Blimey folks, I give this a C.

The roasted veggies were nice and are always your friend vitamin- and digestive-wise. Have you ever eaten sweet potatoes with a chutney or with black bean salsa? It's good, peeps.