Friday's One Day Deal, tiny tarts, cookie marathon a'coming

It's been a while since I was enthused about the Friday deal at Whole Foods but this Friday, 12/7 is a good one: MSC-Certified (Marine Stewardship Council) Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon for $7.99/pound (regularly some amount more than that- oops, don't know). Salmon burgers, grilled salmon, poached salmon, salmon and eggs, salmon and pesto...go for it! I am thrilled to say that after five long days, my migraine decided to move out this afternoon. Gawd, this was a rough one full of nausea and muscle cramps seizing my neck and times. Ol's inner-bottom itch returned today, and readers, I'm going to be honest, I could.not. muster any empathy. Seriously, the butt itch is driving me nuts. I planted him on the potty for a long while and then just scrubbed him down. Hopefully we have seen the last of both these irritating ailments.

Have y'all ever seen a pug engage in a F.R.A.P. (aka frenetic random activity period)? It looks just like it sounds and is hilarious in its ridiculous pugness. Percy is racing like a banshee might wail, wildly, without direction or goal. He's fine on the carpet but once his crazy talon-like nails hit the hardwood, forget it; it's like a slick sausage has been tossed across an ice rink. His eyes, always seeming to look in two directions at once anyway, seem to bulge and spin even more crazily. His curled tail unfurls like a dead shrimp and just goes along for the ride. Then, as sudden as was its commencement, the F.R.A.P. recedes, and Percy retires to the couch to pant and go all couch potato.

Today I decided to do a trial run with the mini-tart pan I bought at that restaurant supply store in Chicago. I needed to better dock the sides of these, which I suspected but was feeling both hopeful and lazy, but won't these be darling holders for something delicious over the holidays? I'm psyched.

Tonight will be a simple pizza, and I have big plans for a crossword and list-making for my pending cookie marathon, the decorations for which arrive Saturday or Monday. For J's teachers, I'm going to make homemade gianduja (chocolate-hazelnut spread; insanely awesome) and Louisiana cheese-straws, those fabulous, I-can-never-have-enough, cayenne-flecked, sharp cheddar-heavy snacks I grew up indulging in as often as possible. Did you see Kim Severson's recipe in today's NYT Dining section? Amen, Severson. I'm with you!