Friday ruminations

As another full week comes to a close, I find myself even more tired than usual, looking ahead to the next two weeks with some trepidation as T will be out of town for about half that, but happy. I am flat on my back, in bed, computer on my thighs, only my head at a slight incline forced so by a strategic pillow I thought to position just before tumbling to prostrate. I am feeling inordinately grateful for the good babysitter that is downstairs, ever-patient with the boys' incessant yammering on about, at present, the fortresses they're building from a cool set of planks and connectors I bought them while in Charleston. They've enslaved all manner of plastic toy animal -purple poisonous spider and friends - and there is no end to the chastising of Percy. Have I mentioned how grateful I am for a proxy mom right now?

When Jack entered PK, two of his classmates' moms and I hosted a cocktail party for all the PK mothers. It was such a fun success that we made it an annual, grade-wide tradition, and last night was the third such get-together. Some of these women have become some of my dearest friends; all are so talented, bright, lovely, and I am grateful to be a part of this community. The food was terrific too which was the perfect buttercream on the proverbial cake. Lastly, it was a treat to be surrounded by ladies as, when I left my own home, there was entirely too much farting and other assorted male behavior going on. Dios.

Tonight I'm doing something with some beautiful Gulf shrimp I bought yesterday. I've been cold today so a stew of sorts sounds tantalizing- ooh, maybe I'll make my Shrimp Cassoulet! Oh, this reminds me... Friend LW, you can sub regular Pomi tomatoes for the tomato-basil variety. Just add some fresh basil if you can. Parsley is an option but an inferior one.

And we've got a few lemon-ricotta bars left... and I just found a glorious-looking recipe for a Ricotta much to cook and enjoy!