Friday, Friday, you finally arrived

Today was one of those during which I felt like a whack-a-mole. I had a meeting, scurried home to cook, had a meeting, scurried home to cook, picked the kids up and took J to baseball/played on the playground with Ol/scurried home to cook. I am in great shape for the dinner tomorrow night, but hell's bells did I move today. After I uncrimped my body from post-workout stun this morning that is. Seriously, when I awoke, I thought I was experiencing muscular paralysis in about 90% of my body. Two weeks off a sore gal makes. Anyway, all good and I'm in great shape now. The gig is a 70th birthday party for a very cool woman. She and her husband have such a wonderful spirit about them and an exciting palate to boot. For the menu they chose: rosemary-rubbed salmon with parsnips/mushrooms/potatoes; leek confit and aged goat cheese tarts; Louisiana red beans and rice; curried cauliflower; roasted beets with horseradish sauce; Brussels sprouts slaw with candied pecans and mustard vinaigrette; roasted sweet potatoes with hazelnut gremolata; pumpkin cheesecake; and chocolate-almond cakes with chocolate-rum ganache frosting.

You want to go to the party too, don't you!?

T and I kept dinner simple tonight and grilled a marvelous pizza. I managed to take the two worst photos in the world of it so will definitely not share them with you, but I will say that the mozzarella di bufala that Vace imports is out of control great, and topped with kale and sauteed portabellos, olive oil and truffled salt, well... it pretty much rendered me speechless.

As I have no pics of any food for you tonight, I will instead leave you with two of my darling boys. I took the one of Jack (and Ol though he looks a bit silly), and a fab teacher at their school took the one of Ol. Frame-worthy, both of them!