Food mill here, gym no-no, send me sleep vibes!

Whee- my food mill is here! I'm super excited and about to embark on an evening of apple butter making. Yum! I would like to point out a terrible rudeness that indicates either bad parenting or a real sense of entitlement (or both) which I find yukky: do not leave your trash/towels/etc on the floors and benches of the locker room for the "help" to pick up. They are not your servants! Yes, their job is to keep things clean and tidy, but in my opinion that job description does not involve, nor should you assume it does, picking up your used items. There are garbage cans and "towels here" bins for a reason. Aah.

I would love a full night of sleep tonight- please send good vibes my way if you're so inclined. Merci.

Ok, I'm starving. Off to eat and cook and will post pics of my new toy in action.