Food from the past 3

Percy just loathes his coat. I mean really, have you seen him so forlorn since we put his dog diaper on? Yet, he hates to be wet so this will help in the rain AND he shivers when it's cold, so I simply felt this purchase was the way to do right by him. He hated every second of it. Tried to shake it off, rub it off, climb out and then there were the nine separate butt-drags across the pavement. Hmm. Since the coat doesn't cover his bum, I'm really not sure what those moves were about, but I've stopped asking when it comes to Percy.

When we got home, I watched as Nutmeg went chair to chair throughout my dining room and systematically knocked everything off of each one. It was so ridiculous as to be laughable not least because I'd just cleaned. It's another question as to why I have so much crap on my chairs.

I'm still grumpy, received a rejection of a piece I'd submitted, now have a headache and so have ensconced myself in making a magnificent short rib ragu. Three hours it's braised and now it's out and resting, just waiting for my capable hands to debone and skim fat. This plus wine will be a hell of a dinner.

My last three days o' eating at home in review:

That is so delightfully alliterative.