FM, gardening like mad

Y'all, it could not be more gorgeous today: hot but not too hot, sunny, a slight breeze. Bliss! I had a lovely time at the farmers market (FM) by myself as the boys didn't want to come today. Who was I to stand in their way!? Heh. Anyway, ramps had arrived so I picked up two bunches, some asparagus, radishes, 4 tomato plants, a mizuna plant as well as a shiso one. And now, after several hours of good work outside, everything is planted, potted, weeded, watered and my new super-high hoops are in with the protective netting laid atop them. Fantastic! And, somewhat to my surprise, as yesterday they appeared to be tight buds, three peonies burst open today like one of those prank cans that look like they hold candy but actually a snake jumps out at you when you unscrew the lid. The blossoms are so flamboyant, elegant yet sassy.