Fleurs, za, Mother's Day came early

I had some quality time in the yard today. The flowers are resplendent in their springness, T mowed, and I weeded and cleaned out the veggie plot. On our pizza tonight were two kinds of kale, arugula, spinach and basil from the garden. I just love this prune-and-cook situation. Sometimes I even wonder if I could be an off-the-gridder, just farming and canning away, but I think that'd have to be a part-time life because it is true that I love the occasional shopping spree, pedicure and so forth. Aah! During dinner this evening, T floored me with an early Mother's Day (and combo anniversary; 8 years on 5/22!) gift: a new camera!!! I am starting what sounds like a pretty intense photography course on Monday, and as he and I have been wanting to upgrade for some time, he thought this a prudent purchase. Go husband! AND, I get to sleep in the basement tonight (read: I don't have to wake up at 5:45 with the youths). Wow!

The boys and I really had a good week though. When you're in the trenches (single-parenting), you just do it, go, power on. They are such marvelously darling and cool little kids; definite butt-heads sometimes but hilarious and loving and well-mannered, and as Mother's Day approaches, I must say that I am tremendously proud of them and proud to be their mother. I am so damn zen tonight.