Fitful Friday, canning seminar registration

Bad news first: Poor Jack just feels awful. He asked me to sleep with him last night, so we tucked ourselves into our basement guest room where it's cold, dark and comfy. He was up on and off all night, and I felt like I was in bed with a squirmy, boiling hot water bottle. In total, I think we got no more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep, and so we all took it slowly this morning! Good news: He is such a sweet little boy and has been so good despite feeling so lousy. I just hope he's all better for his last day of school on Monday.

More good news: The rhubarb cherry crumble I made last night is awesome. It's equally good cold, and I've been snacking on it all day. Recipe is posted!

Tonight I'm going to make a grilled radicchio dish with anchovy breadcrumbs that I've been having a serious yen for. It's a Molly Wizenberg recipe and is scrumptious. That will not totally satiate Tom, so I'll think of something else too. Tomorrow night we're having pals over for dinner but will be getting 2Amy's take-out. I can never get over how much I love that joint. Some friends and I took our graduating little ones (Ol) there for a celebratory lunch on Wednesday, and I swear we were positively orgasmic. Oh, mon dieu.

Registration is now open for my canning seminar at Strosniders which will be on July 14, from 9-10am. Click here if you're interested in attending! I can't wait!