First day, pepper-plum punchout!

Ah me, the day has come. The kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement this morning and asked, quite seriously, if we could leave the house almost a full hour before we were supposed to. Shockingly we were not the first family at school, but we were on the early side which made for a relaxing drop off and an avoidance of the lengthy queue that had formed not long after we arrived. Everyone seemed happy and excited, and I know I'll hear great reviews at pick-up.

After the gym, I hurried home to make a jam recipe I've been thinking about. I love pepper jelly, but I also really loved a Mexican plum jam I made last summer, so I wanted to combine the two ideas into one: the spice of the former with the ease of the latter.

I candied some habañero slivers and flame-roasted a jalapeño. Then I tossed together some chopped plums, a chopped peach, some sugar and a couple tablespoons of the habañero syrup, the now peeled and diced jalapeño, some toasted and freshly ground coriander and lastly, some of those candied habañeros. This stuff kicks ass! Yee-ha! I love it!