Firenze Friday

I just couldn't get over how gorgeous my sister looked in the dresses she tried on today. The second shop was particularly special as the proprietress makes every gown by hand, and her daughters do the bead work. Theirs is the kind of craftsmanship one is hard-pressed to find in the States these days; perhaps that's one reason I like the farmers markets...because people are still selling the fruits of their own labor. Anyway, it has been a while since just Mom, El and I spent a day like this, and it was great. The man from whom we bought the daffodils was a dear as well, 84 years young. He asked why on earth we were taking a photo with him, but I think he was secretly pleased.

20120330-184237.jpgIn the same square, Santo Spirito, I found these pepperoncino and squash too. Beautiful!


20120330-184513.jpg And just look at this Santa Fe'esque church. Gorgeous.