Finishing the marmalade meant forfeiting a home-cooked din

But ah well. This is why it's great that Cafe of India delivers. For starters, I don't have much experience cooking Indian cuisine, and secondly, there are no other good delivery options in our area. So, yay for CoI, and yay for finally crossing three-citrus marmalade off my to-do list. It's quite good, in addition to being beautiful. The recipe's author, Marisa McClellan of Food In Jars, calls for boiling the peeled and finely sliced (mine are in a chiffonade) citrus rinds and then adding them and much of the reserved cooking liquid to the supremed fruits and sugar. Although preparing the fruit was labor-intensive, it's nice to have a one-day version of marmalade-making, rather than the usual 3-4 (in that method, you soak your citrus for several days to ease the bitterness of eating its rind and pith).

three-citrus marmalade NIK_1717

Today dawned on Tom and me with many hours of parental divide-and-conquer ahead: Oliver had a birthday party in one direction, while Jack had Tae Kwon Do and his first rehearsal for a school theater production in the other. T did the party, while I headed out with J. I think we're all pooped now and are lounging in various states of recline. Well, except for Oliver the machine who is concurrently eating, singing and shaking something. God I wish that kid would take smaller bites when he eats. Have mercy man, it's not a race.