Finally, school is a'starting, Mom and Dad in Africa

T- 54 minutes until we leave for J's first day of K.  It's so dark and rainy here today, but I know he's going to have a marvelous time. And so will I. Oh lordy does this kid need a schedule and more daily stimulation than I can provide. Mom and Dad just called from a picnic they're on in Kenya. August marked 10 years since I was there- in some ways that seems preposterous, in others those three weeks seem a lifetime ago, or another lifetime entirely. My time in Kenya was a lifechanging event in so many ways. I have never been the same, and while the ways in which that's true are hard to articulate, I am profoundly grateful and anticipate, in an almost-over the top way, when I can go back.

Ok, J is insisting we draw a tractor-trailer before we get him dressed (in an extremely handsome outfit of course; I know you are not surprised) for school.