Finally back to the farmers market

For a variety of reasons, I've not been to the farmers market in weeks, and so this morning despite a nasty migraine, Oliver and I made our way to Dupont for a haul of seasonal fare. J and T wanted to stay home and watch Myth Busters but did request a raspberry palmier and ham-and-cheese croissant, respectively. Ol was hankering for a croissant -regular, not chocolate, thank you very much- so Bonaparte was our first stop. As you may be able to tell, this croissant was eNORmous yet my little buster downed the entire thing before we'd finished our shopping.

SUNCHOKES, I then spied with glee at Next Step Produce. Hoisting my large batch up on the scale prompted a "wow, you really like sunchokes" from the farmer who grew them; indeed! And I love his produce. Just look at the tatsoi, and the Hakurei turnips I bought are so delicious and sweet and perfectly textured that you could eat them like apples.


Our next stop was Everona Dairy for some marble cheese, a sheep's milk veined with ash that the kids love, then to the mushroom stand for a box of mixed funghi and then to my other favorite farm, New Morning, for celeriac, romanesco broccoli and beets.



I need to get started on a tart and some collard pasties for a catering order but can't wait to jump into these goodies for us. Where to start?!