Figs, bacon and blue; kale

Before dinner at home tonight, I went out for drinks with a girlfriend. It's been a long time -RMW- since I sat at a bar with a gal pal, and it was fun! Delicious glass of Sancerre + two little crab cakes- mmm, mmm.When I got home, the boys were in bed but still awake: Oliver was calling for more milk, Jack was showing me his Navy outfit that he'd concocted. Why he likes to sleep in such nice clothing and with his shirt tucked in is beyond me, but at least he appreciates his sense of style. They are so cute though and we had a good cuddle. Oliver kept saying, "You comed home, Mom. yay!" I love when they're still young enough to be thrilled when you get home.

For dinner I used some more of the figs for these bacon-wrapped, blue cheese-stuffed delights and for myself made a bowl of kale. T opted for BBQ pork, but that's the way we role over here. The figs were delish, and now we're off for a little TV and an early bedtime. Here's hoping Irene doesn't lay waste to the whole weekend.