Fig-caramelized onion tart comes to fruition beautifully

I am super-excited about jumping into this tart tonight. It's got 2 minutes left in the oven, and my mouth is watering. Also, I didn't really eat lunch so am starving. In any case, I caramelized one large yellow onion and one shallot slowly in olive oil and salt; near the end, I stirred in some good quality balsamic. Then I put most of them into a puff pastry which I'd laid out in a rectangular baking sheet, sprinkled some crumbled bacon and then some crumbled Valdeon (spanish blue cheese) on that and then layered on sliced figs and the last of the onions. Buzzer. More in a bit!


Friends, this tart is unreal, a 5-star keeper if ever there was one. Sweet, salty, savory, bacon'y. Mamma mia!! And I served it with an arugula/tomato/balsamic vinaigrette salad. AAH!